Our awards

During international contests and competitions, the judges are professionals in the sector who reward the best cuvées tasted.
Each medal awarded is additional recognition for the teams in our house. They allow our champagnes to shine internationally while being a guarantee of quality and Champagne know-how.


The International Wine & Spirit Competition aims to reward excellence and quality around the world.



It is one of the largest and most prestigious competitions in the world of wines. Les vins sont dégustés et jugés par des experts. Les résultats étant généralement donné en milieu d’année.



The International Wine Challenge is a renowned and prestigious competition during which the judges will carry out a meticulous evaluation of the wines in competition.

Les résultats du concours sont annoncés le plus souvent durant le mois de Mai.

Gilbert & Gaillard

This French competition is one of the only ones to give a score out of 100 as well as tasting comments for each wine entered. The notes are given by a tasting committee made up of French and international professionals.

The marks are generally communicated during the 2nd semester.

Guide Hachette

The guide Hachette wine guide brings together the best of French wine.
The selected cuvées are tasted and scrutinized by a jury of wine professionals. This guide is considered by many wine lovers as a real bible.

Three stars

Two stars