Our history


François Dubois


The history of François Dubois champagne is intrinsically linked to the history of champagne itself.

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François Dubois was born in 1764 to winegrower parents in Faverolles-et-Coëmy, a small village a few kilometers from Reims. He will grow up surrounded by vines and develop a Champagne know-how which will expand over the centuries at the cost of long hours of work in the vines and in the cellar. At the same time as the great Reims champagne houses, François Dubois will embark on this marvelous adventure by marketing his champagne.

Thanks to an expertise and a know-how that will be transmitted from generation to generation, the descendants of François Dubois will patiently extend the surface of the estate while continuing their efforts both in the vineyards and on the national and international commercial markets.

This family history imbued with tradition and excellence now makes it possible to offer quality champagnes throughout the world while preserving the original values ​​of the founding winemaker.

First press


The first press arrived and the Pressing Centre in Faverolles et Coëmy opened. This marked the start of the new generation taking over the business to keep François Dubois’s heritage alive.

The business expanded


The business continued expanding its site with 4 pneumatic wine presses(8000kg) and 1 traditional wine press (4000kg). 110 hectares of grapes were bring pressed to make 1,000,000 bottles.

The turning point


2009 and 2010 marked a turning point in the champagne business.
With the environment and sustainable development in mind, it began making champagne from organically-farmed grapes.
The directors took over the Maison Jeeper winery. Nicolas Dubois fell in love with the winery and worked with the founder’s son to keep the brand and its unique history alive.


Its production capacity expanded


The business continued expanding its real estate and production capacity with the purchase of casks to make 1200hl of wine and the vat room’s expansion to reach a 19,000hl capacity. 200 hectares of grapes were being pressed in the buildings to make 5,070,000 bottles.

The company continued to improve on quality to provide premium champagne.

New Certification


The company earned the IFS-BRC certification, proof of its quality and safety highlighting the need to manage how its business affects the environment.

New markets and Sustainable Winemaking


The business carried on growing and expanding with extra support for the winery’s vineyard, the purchase of new barrels to reach a 3000hl capacity, a vat room for up to 25,500hl to contain 240ha of pressed grapes.

Lire plus

In 2015, the Champagne House continued its export development on new markets in North America, Europe and Oceania.

Always in search of excellence, the house launches new, ever more refined and elegant cuvées.

After the IFS-BRC certification, the company is Certified HQE-HVE Sustainable Viticulture.

HEV certification
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