A grape harvest in a bottle!
The Prestige Cuvée is the crowning glory of an entire year of work. This cuvée has undergone a smooth winemaking process to produce a champagne whose balance and aromatic profile will dazzle you.
This is a delicate yet powerful champagne that connoisseurs will adore.


  • Chardonnay: 65%
  • Pinot Noir: 20%
  • Pinot Meunier: 15%


  • Vibrant
  • Notes of dried apricot and buttery toasted brioche
  • Rich and indulgent
  • A true cuvée that embodies its year

“A wine with soul and personality”, a 2008 cuvée that embodies the year with a rich and indulgent flavour. It has notes of dried apricot and buttery toasted brioche.


  • Exciting and elegant aromas
  • Quince jelly notes
  • Smooth evolution

Exciting and elegant aromas with quince jelly notes that lead into a smooth evolution.


  • Golden yellow

The glimmers of gold catch the eye.

Wine and food pairings

  • A fantastic post-coffee drink

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